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Evangelism and Music for a Broken World

Evangelism, Everyone, Everywhere (EEE) is the strategic ‘clarion call’ of the South England Conference (SEC). However, the challenges of evangelism in the urban and cosmopolitan settings of Europe test conventional methods of sharing the Gospel. It is our contention that evangelism through music has a key role to play in facilitating the understanding of our defining Adventist doctrines.

What is the ‘evangelism through music’ concept?

Evangelism through music seeks to raise both the standard and understanding of music as an integral tool for evangelism by:

• Supporting those with professional musicianship skills to work in team ministries

• Working with such teams to deliver successful evangelism based on Christ’s relational method

From our experience, having piloted the ‘evangelism through music’ concept in London last year, three key elements have emerged:

1. Evangelism, and not music, is the entry point for rooting and growing the work of evangelism through music.

2. Church teams that lead music require nurture and training to steward their music-related talents through Christ’s method of intentional evangelism.

3. Cross-conference communication and peer learning is essential for music teams wanting to achieve local evangelism goals.

Evangelism through music is not the same as a singing evangelist role or that of a minister of music. While these broadly focus on developing the gift of music, evangelism through music starts with nurturing evangelistic attitudes in music teams, inspiring them towards mission.

When we see ministry rather than performance as the bigger agenda, then we will see the need to spend time together, to work in teams, and to respect the value of being in connection for each other’s good.

How has this been applied?

An ‘evangelism through music’ programme was delivered from September to December last year, including seminars and practical outreach training for local church-based music teams, in preparation for a one-week evangelistic outreach in Central London. Four programme principles typifying the ‘evangelism through music’ approach were shared with local teams.

1. The great commission is not an option or a suggestion!

2. Use Christ’s method of evangelism, connecting musical language to the great commission.

3. Collaborate with Christ in evangelism, especially through relationships with people.

4. Teamwork is required between instrumentalists, singers, and sound and audio engineers.

The ‘evangelism through music’ concept seeks to connect with people who are struggling to find real meaning in their lives. The Music for a Broken World (MBW) outreach was designed to utilise music and prayer as critical tools to engage those who wouldn’t usually come to a church programme.