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I first met Kendol when he came to my church in Croydon London, England a few years ago, he just happened to be there on the day I was holding a music programme ... now I follow him on his channels. Kendol’s playing is so inspirational, soothing, beautiful and takes you to a higher place, it has been a blessing to listen to his playing. 

May God continue to bless your music ministry.


Kendol’s music is healing for the soul and celebration for the mind. Kendol's extensive travels and eagerness to learn introduced him to a vast range of cultures, helping him to develop his transcendental technique to communicate through music. His unique composition and melodies are second to none. I was walking past the church in Stoke Newington when I heard the bright sound of his piano. I simply had to stop and indulge in the beautiful blend of harmonics in Kendol’s music.


God led me to discover Kendol's music just weeks before I would experience a series of losses.  His style of playing and his choice of songs bring such comfort and peace, especially if you are familiar with the message of each number.

Kendol's music has become a part of my daily devotional time and it brings me straight to the attitude of quiet worship.  Music is a very powerful force which can be uplifting, medicine for the heart & mind.  His melodic playing is what I believe we will be hearing when we get to Heaven, it is such a blessing.

God has given Kendol an incredible talent and I am thankful that he answered the call to minister to others.

Ron S.D.A. Fortuna Ca.

Dear Kendol, thank you for introducing me to your YouTube channel. Your music is outstanding and so inspirational, you are a master pianist. Your music is so easy to listen to, it's soothing, peaceful, joyful, and even brings awareness to the presence of the Holy Spirit and I am sure Our Father and Lord Jesus are well pleased. When on your YouTube channel I select the playall button to enjoy all your content. I listen to your music as a way to Worship Our Father and Lord Jesus. We should Worship daily ... so we wait patiently in faith a presence of the Holy Spirit for intimate commune and prayer to Our Father, to seek his desires for us. Your music video production " Altar Call " is fantastic, so inspirational. Tears of joy come to my eyes knowing Our God Our Father created you for sharing the Gospel. Anyone who has anxiety or depression, your music can lead them to Jesus, who is the solution to our woes. Amen. 

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