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Music and Missions

Music and Missions is a self-supporting ministry committed to taking the gospel commission to the world. The goal is to transform the individual ministries of musicians as well as audio, video, and other media engineers into cohesive, evangelistic teams that are focused on carrying out the Great Commission using Christ’s method. Special emphasis is placed on applying the last-day warning message regarding false doctrines to music and its use in worship and evangelism.

Kendol plays the role of a mission pianist in evangelistic series. He holds seminars and workshops wherever he is called to serve. Topics include Christ’s Method for the Artistic Christian– Music and Evangelism. This is a training for praise teams and other church members involved in music and media. He leads seminars on music and worship with a focus on the sanctuary, musical instruments in the Bible, music and the human response, and hymnody. Kendol also conducts choirs and is a recording artist under the independent label Mission Music. His goal is to make purposeful mission music available for ministry. The gift of music has been given to him so that he can serve others – 1 Peter 4.10.


Your prayers and financial support are needed and greatly appreciated in any of these three areas:


 1. Mission Music CDs/ DVDs for worship and evangelism – taking the advent gospel to all the world, with music especially focused on evangelism and spiritual healing.

2. Music and Missions worship and evangelism resources focused on the Great Commission we have been given as Christians – developing free and accessible on-line resources as well as publications for distribution.

3. Music and Missions seminars for worship and evangelism – teaching Christ’s method of evangelism through music and supporting teams of musicians as well as sound and media engineers to be team evangelists.

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