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Inspiring music making, artistry, and ministry - this is my world. May I share my journey with you? perhaps offer you my music? hold seminars for you and workshops for those in your care? In such settings, I establish relationships working with other artists to inspire evangelism, carry out the Great Commission, and collaborate with other creative people.
You may be a music enthusiast or an artist engaging the Creator God of all aesthetics. Thank you for your interest in enhanced worship and praise.
Whether I am playing for a service at a local, country church, appearing in a gala concert with an orchestra, coaching a choir, accompanying a singer, playing session piano in a London studio, or leading a seminar about evangelism and music, my music is my attempt to reach towards what worship for the day demands. Today, this space is my avenue to you for His glory, and it has become part of this season with you.
I love nature, travel, board games, and people. I am absolutely crazy about good vegan, spicy creations. Welcome!

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